Monday, 6 February 2017

Chief's Farm Cottage Passivhaus

We have just finished the erection of our Chief's Farm Cottage project in Essex. For this project Touchwood designed and installed the strip foundation with our special thermally bridge free detail, to create a very thermally efficient slab suitable for passivhaus. The image below shows the 300mm EPS insulation installed:

Following the powerfloat finished concrete slab on top of the EPS, we then installed the pre-cut timber frame, with our robust air tight board installed over the external surface. Unusually, this build has the airtight layer going under the roof structure, rather than having the roof warm side - our usual approach. This improved the surface area to volume ratio for passivhaus PHPP analysis, and avoids the client heating space that is not used - they didn't require vaulted ceilings in the upstairs rooms. See below some images of the timber frame:

We are now commencing install of the MVHR duct work, simply installed in the-cut holes, prior to hand over to the clients tradesman for the follow on works.

See below an image of the pre-cut duct routes in the frame. The MVHR system is modelled for acoustic performance, with silencers in the network as necessary. This unique integrated approach to MVHR and frame design allows all ducts to be within the floor cassette, where they do not need boxing out, and will have the space around them filled with Warmcel, creating near silent running,

We look forward to the project being finished and being added to our list of passivhaus certified homes.


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