Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Oak features now clear to see in our super low energy home with traditional features!

Our new concept where we incorporate Oak features into our super insulated low energy homes is coming along well, please see the image below of the interior after plasterboarding:

People often aspire to the traditional features of an Oak structured home but do not want the huge heating bills and air leaking envelope usually associated with Oak homes. They wish for a home built using our low energy principles - an air tight structure, MVHR ventilation, excellent U values and minimal cold bridging but with a traditional look.

Our passivhausOak concept meets this requirement perfectly - all Oak features are within the thermal envelope with no cold bridging through the exterior, so no sacrifice is made to the low energy principles by incorporating our pre-cut Oak trusses, beams and posts. A passivhaus building could have these Oak features incorporated - we look forward to creating a passivhaus certified project with exposed Oak in the future!