Friday, 23 November 2012

Jackson project air test

In November we had the air test performed on our Jackson project in Hampshire, which achieved another great result for Touchwood of 0.16m3/ @50Pa - well within the Passivhaus limit of 0.6, and roughly 60x better than building regs.
The building will be PH certified and features our passivhaus foundation system, where the entire building's slab is within the house's thermal envelope so is providing substantial thermal mass. Also within our package is the design, installation and commissioning of a market leading PAUL heat recovery unit. As always with our frames the duct routes are incorporated early in the frame design so all duct holes are pre-cut within the frame allowing robust, rigid Lindab duct work to be used - we avoid flexible duct work since it is not robust in the long term. 
heating demand is 10kWh/m2/year, well within the 15kWh/m2/year limit for passivhaus. This equates to a minimal heating demand of 2,100Kwh/year, an amount delivered via the MVHR duct work