Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Banbury Low Energy Bungalow Nears Completion

Our works on the Banbury bungalow are now near completion - this super efficient timber frame building has traditional stone cladding so it fits into to the local area. We like this architectural approach - the house doesn't look like a low energy home but will perform exceptionally with minimal heating costs - contrasting to the traditional way a home of this look would have been built.

The home us built using our usual high performance timber structure:

* walls from 300mm I beams 
* rafters from 350mm I beams
* air tight board over entire external surface to create a simple, long term air tight solution
* cellulose fibre insulation blown into structure for excellent thermal, acoustic and thermal mass properties
* Norrsken triple glazed windows and doors
* Touchwood designed and installed PAUL MVHR system, with Lindab steel ductwork

Our duct work routes are all factory pre-cut in the frame, allowing us to use large bore rigid steel duct work - larger bore means lower air speeds for the same volume of air - so much quieter performance.

Our ducts are also in the joist zone, were they will be surrounded by cellulose insulation avoiding heat loss, and minimising noise creating a near silent system. MVHR is a critical component to an air tight home, cutting costs here by using flexible duct work or, not putting ducts in the insulated zone will impact the house performance