Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fox Barn receives Passivhaus certification!

Our Fox Barn project in Hampshire has now received official Passivhaus certification from the Passivhaus institute. We are very proud to have achieved another certified project, a result which relied on our super air tight construction method - achieving an air tightness result of 0.13m3/m2.hr at our frame diagnostic stage, and 0.20 at final test.
Fox Barn also incorporates a PAUL heat recovery system designed and installed by Touchwood - with all duct route holes pre-cut in the timber frame for quick on site installation. Pre-cutting the holes also ensures rigid ductwork can be used, a much more robust solution than the flexible alternative. PHPP analysis and certification was undertaken by Touchwood and Williams Energy in collaboration with Warm associates.

Please find the URL for the Fox Barn passivhaus certification below: