Thursday, 20 June 2013

Our Round House project filmed for Grand Design!

The Grand Design team are on our Round House site today filming for the next series of the show. This stunning project shows the incredible versatility and accuracy of our pre-cut method, with  the complex circular glulam structure fitting together perfectly and going up very quickly.
Day 3 on site

The image above shows the site on day 3 of our works, the majority of the main glulam frame structure will be completed within the first week, with all the subtly reducing roof levels built into the frame being no problem at all for the computer controlled milling machine - where as working these angles and falls out on site would have been a major headache!

Image from the roof showing the gradual reduction in roof height as you go round the circle
How the finished house will look with the green roof installed
The home features our 300mm thick I beam external walls to be pumped solid with very dense Warmcel insulation, so providing superb levels of insulation and internal temperature stability, which coupled with our air tightness levels to the passivhaus standard results in a home with minimal  heat loss through the structure, and so minmal running costs.