Thursday, 14 April 2016

Curved wall home in Chesham

We are currently erecting our Chesham project, a new home featuring subtly curving external walls, and curving ridge beams.Curved walls and beams are no problem for our bespoke pre-cut system, any design is possible!
The curved external walls create a very complex floor cassette, which also has to incorporate the ducts for the Touchwood designed PAUL MVHR system. This complexity is achievable without problems though with our machine pre-cut frame system, the image below shows the floor cassette:

To match the external walls being curved, the design also requires curved glulam ridge beams so that the rafters end up the same length. The curved ridge beams are now installed, ready for rafters to be slotted in, the image below shows the curved ridge beams:

We enjoy the challenge working on these exciting cutting edge curved wall buildings!